bulletproof love.
Martina | 16 | Italy | metalcore lover | tattoos&piercings | a little bit creepy
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ma allora a cosa servono i desideri delle 22:22?

c’e’ chi mi capisce.

uno sguardo, 

e tornano con litri di alcool. 

c’e’ chi mi capisce.

vi amo!

Alda Merini

Mi sento un po’ come il mare, abbastanza calma per intraprendere nuovi rapporti umani ma periodicamente in tempesta per allontanare tutti, per starmene da sola.


I can’t stand this anymore.

I hate being away from you.

I hate not talking to you.

I hate all of this.

I hate myself for letting you go. I hate myself for not trying harder. I hate myself for not being what you needed.

Because you are everything I need and everything I want.

I am lost without you.

A six word story 

(Fonte: spotify-me)

You make me lose my sanity.
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